Starting from the typical Italian heritage in high performance Supercar creation and, for the first time in the automotive sector, through an innovative crowdfunding platform, ZAVA is developing a latest generation Hypercar. The project is characterized by the unique technical solutions such as BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) powertrain and by the possibility, given to anyone who wants to join the initiative, to offer their creative support.

Due to its exclusivity, the production and the availability of the new Hypercar will be limited to a very small number of units.

To further emphasize the uniqueness of the product, each customer will be able to have access to a specific and dedicated customization program that will allow him to "create" its "bespoke" vehicle. In this way, every single unit will become a "one off" thanks to a special "not replying" guarantee for the specific customizations developed and applied.

The result will be a masterpiece in all details.

In accordance with the revolutionary concept of the product, the name chosen for the project is  PrometheuS.

ZAVA Project: electric Hypercar PrometheuS


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